Beginner Guide to Investing | Forex Trading | Currency Trading

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Fizzle2Fizzle says:

I really want to get into this but im not good at maths :/

MrFourkinghell says:

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shihabuddeen koya thangal K.P says:

Bes Class I like IT

Forex & Stock Trader says:

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DieKillerFliege says:

I created a demo account to practice. I have 10.000 starting money. Then I
invested in the EURUSD. I already made 500 $ in maybe 40 minutes. but is it
really that easy or did i do something wrong? i have no idea i just read a
book about forex so i have some basics … but is it really that simple? i
cant belive that if it is 

NIrab fx says:

for beginner the video series is quite helpful you need not read and need
to gather a lot of experience, as there are opportunity for demo trading
any beginner can take this chance

mate Nd says:

thanks sir.

Luciano Kelly says:

Learn 4 Steps To Making Money Trading Forex

EdenSocial says:

Great job at explaining these complex concepts for beginners! 

Gabrielius Vadapalas says:

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Jane Doe says:

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Ara Levonian says:

Excellent teacher explained clearly and a good pace….thank you

Don Pips says:


Megan Burke says:

I want to use forex trading software. which is the best?

jhon kerry says:

good learning video, liked it.
i use my own strategies and i am in profit with my strategy. 

James Ison says:

Hi guys, great video WIgor2Stephens – I agree with what you say about the
foundation forex traders & it is important one abides by these concepts.

By way of introduction, my name is James and I have been trading the
markets for 15 years now with my own money.

It took a few years, but I had finally perfected an intra-day method that
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I am currently mentoring 5 day-traders and if you are keen on joining the
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Trade Smarter,


Capex Forex Trading says:

This is a very good beginners guide. Well done.

Anna Monti says:

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Rex Martino says:

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Graham S says:

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Misterious says:

So you hijacked their video to add your advertisement at the end?
For everyone else, just go straight to their Youtube channel.

Ayiecynk Belava says:

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Naeem Awan says:

Thanks, very clear explanation, I could not have done bette nodout sir ji

Tosin CKE says:

Can you buy currency and then hold it for a couple days until the value of
resale goes up? Basically the age old buy, hold, sell method?

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xavier gutierrez says:

i just started with calls and puts with currency, but i dont see it work
the way that your followers, bloggers or whateverthey called themself is. i
see alot of bull testis everywhere.

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