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Quote of the Day “The major difference between the big shot and the little shot is the big shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting.” Market Commentary Today, 07-13-09, we began the morning scalping some profits off the Dax futures (symbol FDAX) at 8:47 am EST. While seeing great size come across the ticker tape shortly before the start of the US session, another great James Wave set-up occurred, in the form of a 2-step counter-trend trade. With momentum turning in our direction, and discipline playing a crucial factor, we closed with a profit of 15 points, and ended up taking profit just a few ticks before a line of support making this short at 4662.5 at +2 +4 +9 trade with 3 contracts equaling $525($35/point). Shortly after our winning trade on the Dax futures, we saw another 2-step counter-trend trade on the Euro (symbol 6E). Our 2-step trade was taken at 10:15 am EST at a price of 1.3929; we took profit at +3 points, and then were stopped out at break even for a profit of $37.50 ($12.50/point). Today was another great day of trading; proving that the education and discipline taught from the James Wave system is profitable when you follow the rules! Today’s totals were 2 for 2 for a total profit of $562.50. Did you know that our LIVE TRADE ROOM opens at 245am EST every day? Come watch us trade 6 different markets LIVE in REAL TIME! Want more info? • The School Of Trade™ was created on a strong foundation of technical & emotional discipline. We use exact entries with high-percentage trade set-ups along with low-risk account management techniques. The School Of Trade™ & the James Wave Trading System™ is committed to meeting our member’s changing needs in this dynamic trading environment by providing ongoing education and specific trader development.


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