Become a Day Trader with DTS | You Don’t Need Them All to Learn to Day Trade Pt3

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Close – For whatever odd reason, my Personal Trading Bias Test came back that I am a Trend Trader and a Scalper; this tells me that I should be day trading with the Eagle Trend Trader and the Hawk Micro Scalper. These two signal generators are the integral part of Diversified Trading Systems. Everyone asks me “do I need the entire Master Trader Package to become a day trader”? Or they ask “do I need all three to learn to day trade”? The answer is NO! Three signal generators will give you more day trading opportunities, but one can be more than sufficient. When we first start out to become a day trader and we are learning to day trade I feel it should be kept as simple as possible.

As I said before, I am more apt to take Trend and Scalping trades than anything else, and I find that the majority of my day trading activity takes place with the Hawk Micro Scalper. Much like what I do with the Eagle Trend Trader, I have some variations I add to the Hawk Micro Scalper that I feel improve my entries, eliminate bad signals, and help me filter out the noise.

As I have said throughout my blog, when becoming a day trader, when learning to day trade, we should try to keep it as simple as possible. Check out what I do with the Hawk Micro Scalper and see what you think, with a little creativity you could go a long way.

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