Become a Day Trader | Choosing a Day Trading Strategy | Trend Trading Pt 10b

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Close – When becoming a day trader and choosing a day trading strategy that works for you, I suggest simplicity combined with support, day trading education provided by an experienced instructor, and an easy set of day trading rules that are not complicated. With any day trading strategy that works I have found that for me, the easier it is to understand the rules and signals generated, the easier it is for me to make a decision on whether or not to place the trade in the first place.


NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse | Diversified Trading System (DTS) says:

The solid and hollow bars signify where the bar closes. For example, Green
bars that close high are hollow, green bars that close low will be solid,
and visa-versa for the Red bars. As a rule of thumb, when the Mean Renko
bar for the Eagle Trend Trader closes high (regardless of color) it will be
hollow, when it closes low (regardless of color) it will be solid. Again,
this is for the Eagle Trend Trader Signal generator only, the Hawk and
Falcon Signal Generator bars will be different.

trashratt says:

Question? Some of the candle sticks are filled in and some are not filled
in? Why?

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