Are you a Day Trader or Hobbyist?

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This video is the recording of our webinar on December 4th with Tony Peterson of The Intentional Trader. To learn more from Tony, check out his Trader Kingdom expert page:


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Are you a trader or are you a trading hobbyist? Many that day trade consider themselves traders. Doesn’t risking money and placing trades make you a trader by definition?

However, do you do the same things that professional traders do to earn a living day trading? Do you do the work that needs to be done to be successful? Do you even know what that work is?

Join Tony Peterson for this live webinar designed to help you prepare to reach the effectiveness of professional traders. For example, do you consider any of the following to be the hard work of being a trader?

Reading and contributing to online trading forums
Downloading and trying free indicators
Creating your own indicators
Taking free trials in trading rooms
Creating, recreating, and tuning a trading system that almost, but doesn’t quite, work the way you want it to.

Tony does not have time to do any of those things because he’s too busy each day doing the real work of being a professional trader. As much as he’d love to tell you that trading is easy and you can earn a living in just a few minutes a day, he simply can’t. But he can teach you what you REALLY need to work at to be a professional trader.

Tony Peterson was introduced to day trading in 2000 and, after 7 years of struggling, he retooled his trading approach with a focus on his mental attitude. Tony created an informal trading room as his real life experiences had prepared him to understand what other traders were going through. This trading room continued to grow leading Tony to found The Intentional Trader where he created a TradeRx Trading Skills Development Program. Currently, Tony spends his days moderating, teaching, and trading in his trade room as well as mentoring TradeRx participants and developing new indicators for NinjaTrader 7.