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Trading can be one of the most financially rewarding professions around. There is no other profession around like trading. It can also break down your character, scatter your blood pressure and leave you completely broke. The good news is, through careful research, relentless work ethic and adjustable plans, trading is a tamable beast. In order to succeed in trading, you have to begin to develop a strong thirst for information and knowledge. It begins by carefully conducting an honest self- assessment. Knowing what is expected and being able to shift your attitude and work ethic so you can be prepared to handle brutal market moves. Losses are, and will always be a part of trading. So being able to limit them without going completely insane is key. By having the sufficient capital that you are not afraid to lose will help ensure your trading is smoother and more controlled. It’s not always good to be in the market or in a trade. Understanding how, why, and when the market moves will make you aware of when to avoid trading. Knowing basic market functionality from simple concepts to complex market orders can help you gain an edge in the long run. Solid liquidity, low-costs, and speed are essential to being a quick and efficient trader. It is vital to understand the best securities to trade and where to trade them. All financial instruments trade differently and sometimes they flow together. Seeing how instruments behave during different times will help you see their predictability. Will there be a new paradigm for trading within the next few years? With the evolutionary changes in market technology every day, people can’t argue with the fact that markets are indeed evolving by the second. Technology that was once available to only exchanges and institutional traders is now at the fingertips of anyone with enough funds to open a trading account. Powerful computers, internet faster than the blink of an eye, electronic markets and direct access trading have made trading possible for more people than ever before. This book is meant for anyone who has ever had a strong interest in Futures trading. From beginner to expert, this book aims to go through the depth of financial markets in order to help you understand how markets behave and to hone your own personal trading strategy. This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following: -How to start trading-Futures contract codes, sizes and trading months-Futures spread trading-Know your products-Which market to trade and with which broker-When to trade and when not to trade-Technical analysis-Utilizing binary options-Comparing and combining models-Performance visualization and combinations-Developing trading models-Trading psychology-Why is leverage riskier?-Entries and exits… AND MORE!!! Markets will fall and markets will rise, it is within their very nature. Prepare yourself by learning all there is to know about the markets. Equip yourself with the full and complete knowledge of the markets before you decide trading is for you.


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