3rd Secret Of Becoming A Day Trader

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Our 3rd secret of becoming professional day trader

We have now reached our 3rd installment of becoming a professional day trader. You can also see the first and second installments here on our YouTube channel. It is important to note when you are trying to become a professional day trader it is all about making money. But money isn’t the most important thing that we should consider.

The key to making money in the stock market is consistency. By being able to make a bit everyday, no matter how much, we are able to do extremely well in the markets. At The Day Trading Academy we trade emini futures with contracts. Very similar to shares of stock one can increase

We talks about several facets of being able to learn how to day trade but looking and more importantly focusing on consistency is imperative to be able to become a professional day trader.

We have to alter the psychological state when it comes to our focus to be able to overcome the challenges of losing money. By focusing exclusively on that we are able to take our mental state and ocus

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