2nd Secret of Becoming a Successful Day Trader (Part 2)

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Becoming a successful day trader takes a lot of discipline and tenacity. Especially when it comes to be able to identify different market movements. Training individuals to learn how to day trade for well over 10 years now we at The Day Trading Academy have learned exactly what you need to do to be able to become a professional day trader.

When it comes to learning how to day trade and becoming successful one must understand that it is not about the indicators or the software. To save you money in the long term I would highly recommend that if anyone tries to sell you any indicators or software that you walk away.

The industry is known for being able to package a great sales pitch by using the same indicators that everyone else has used for the last 10/15 years. It is important to understand that many pitfalls will be avoided if one simply avoids anyone trying to sell you “unique or proprietary” indicators used for day trading. Everyone has been using the same indicators for the last 15 years and they only change the colors and call them unique.

If one really wants to become a successful day trader we must understand that the key to making money every day is not going to be paying attention to indicators or even software. The key is to really understand the process behind the market and understand how the market movements work. If we are able to understand that then we are going to be able to anticipate the market. If we are able to anticipate the market and its movements then we are going to be able to adapt to whatever it throws at us.

Buying software and indicators where you have to rely on a company and continue to pay them is not the answer. The answer in trying to become successful as a day trader comes from being able to understand the market. We have been day trading for over 10 years and have seen many successful day traders. The bottom line in what those successful day traders have in common is being able to read and understand the market properly.

There are a million different traders, using a million different indicators, that combine them a million different ways. There is no one right way to view the market but there is always one right decision.

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