1/6 MOJO Swing Trade & Day Trade Live Trading – Must See

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Welcome To The MOJO Day Trading Team. Here Is More Information About The (3) MOJO Services:

The MOJO Day Trade Room is run like a business. The trading room is not a place to have fun and day trade. MOJO conducts day trading as a business & we do not trade just to trade or have fun. MOJO waits for day trades to present themselves. When you push the trading you get burned more than you win. MOJO likes high probability trades making aggressive scores. Scoring a few times a day is enough for the business to grow by leaps and bounds as the days add up. It’s a marathon and not a sprint and the goal is to be here every day and have an account to trade to make your American Dream a reality. If you push the day trading and or get greedy it will not work!! This is not a game, MOJO takes this responsibility very seriously and put a lot of effort into teaching trading. Your success, is MOJO’s success. Let’s get started.

The MOJO Swing Trade Newsletter is a weekly newsletter that is sent out every Sunday evening. The Swing Trade stock picks are presented in an organized fashion so it is easy to understand and a great way for anybody interested in learning Swing Trading to get started quickly. If your too busy to Day Trade and working the 9 to 5 then let ProTrader Mike do all the stock market research for you. Get your Swing Trade Newsletter email alerts when to scale out and sell half the swing trade position or all of the swing trade position.

​ProTrader Mike identifies high probability stock patterns that repeat themselves over and over again. These patterns can be very profitable when executed consistently. ProTrader Mike’s research consists of scanning through a database of more than 7,000 stocks every Sunday night that all have an emphasis on the MOJO Small Cap System of picking stocks. These swing picks are selected as the potential big movers for the week. The average hold time for a MOJO Swing Trade pick has been 6 days. The average trade gain per swing trade pick has been around 17%. The Newsletter is sent in both PDF & Video Formats. The Video Format provides teaching lessons on the MOJO strategy so you can “Earn While You Learn”.