VEDA Day 3 – Trader Joe’s Haul, Pizza on the Grill, & Gabby’s new ‘doo

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Frugal, Fun, & Fabulous says:

Hi everyone- welcome to VIDA day 3! :)

meganjerai says:

Hi! Are you going to give an updated house tour? 

Ninaluv118 says:

That flooring is beautiful! I LOVE old house charm and character!

Mrs SummerLily says:

Having formula around is a great idea, even if you decide to breastfeed. My
sister had the flu and horrible migraines and she was not always able to
breastfeed. So her husband could feed their daughter formula when my sister
was sick. Hip2Save is a great free app for your iPhone, they always have
great freebies and deals for new moms. Btw, the pizza looked amazing!:).
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jilly Bean says:

I’m loving your vlogs!! The pizza looks yummy! Have a great day Tina=)

willow lake says:

how about open shelving. then I used the cute fabric and plastic bins from
dollar tree to hold everything very nice and organized looking

Jaime Chevron says:

sooooo happy you’re vlogging!!!

Phyllis K says:

I love seeing Billy in your vlogs! You guys make an adorable couple!!
Prayers being sent for his grandma! Happy Easter!!!

TheBeautyCadet says:

omg those pizzas…. look so delicious I almost ate my screen off!!

Hunnie B says:

Hey Tina……, that’s alot of leaves, but the blower thingy really
works….. great food haul, some tasty treats here ! Awwwwww lights on
your shed, how cute…….those pizza’s look so delicious…happy week-end,
take care.

Magaly Espinoza says:

You guys look so happy :) god bless you both and that little angel thats
coming soon

Barbara Heaton says:

Hi! Tina Love watching your vlogs and seeing Billy and the furbabies in
them too! You guys are great!

Debra Smith says:

Great video!, The pizza looks great! Tfs. Will you please checkout my
channel and subscribe. Thanks :-)

lilly limani says:

Loving these vlogs !!! 

msgreenmando says:

Love Brad Paisley (song when he was making the pizza sauce)!

Clara Slate says:

Sending thoughts and prayers for Billy’s grandma :)

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