Update To Our Day Trader’s Penthouse In Medellin

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Update To Our Day Trader’s Penthouse In Medellin with The Day Trading Academy

This is our new day trader’s penthouse in Medellin, Colombia. We bought this property to be able to train all of our day traders in our new day trading center in Colombia who are becoming “Wandering Traders”.

The concept behind the center is to be able to host day traders as well as travelers that are visiting Medellin. We currently have seven bedrooms which we expanded from five bedrooms. There were a total of five bathrooms in which we modified to create three master bathroom with Jacuzzi. We took out roughly 4 walls and amplified the kitchen by about 30 to 40%. We now have an area that reaches nearly 300 m² which is roughly 3000 ft.².

For those of you that are new to Wandering Trader we day trade for a living and travel around the world. Via the Day Trading Academy we also teach others how to obtain financial freedom. This is our first physical center outside of the United States we plan to host traders and train them one on one.

Currently we do have some of our Master Traders, people would’ve been through our training program and are making money day trading, assisting other traders in person around the world as well.

Look forward to sharing updates on our day traders penthouse in Medellin and more locations around the world.

Stay safe my friends.

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Marcello Arrambide says:

The video from today’s post about our new day trading penthouse in
Medellin, Colombia. Really excited to have all of our traders be able to
come under one roof and start making money. Everything is coming together!

Read the full post here –> http://bit.ly/1cQoNdX

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vic tor says:

nice. I wanted to see if i could learn to daytrade. how do i learn and how
much does it cost. thanks.

Jim C says:

Dude good job. I may contact you for your contractor, I am planning on
buying a house in eithier El Poblado or in Laureles.

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