U.S. Joins Europe in Fighting China’s Future in W.T.O.

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U.S. Joins Europe in Fighting China’s Future in W.T.O.
T.O., an international body for establishing trade rules and settling disputes that President Trump previously called a “disaster.”
China is classified as a nonmarket economy, which allows the United States and other countries to use a special framework under W. T.O.
Mr. Lighthizer said that he had “made it very clear that a bad decision” on China’s status “would be cataclysmic for the W. T.O.”
Nicholas R. Lardy, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, said Mr. Lighthizer’s
statements called into question whether the United States was looking for a reason to withdraw from the W. T.O.
The brief, which will be made public on Thursday, will laid out their legal arguments for why China does not deserve the designation of a “market economy,” a distinction
that would entitle it to preferential economic treatment under the W. T.O.
Those officials include Robert E. Lighthizer, the United States trade representative, who in his confirmation hearing before the Senate in June described China’s challenge against Europe
and the United States as “the most serious litigation matter we have at the W. T.O.
“Maybe this is going to be one of the nominal excuses to taking us out.”
On Wednesday, senior United States officials said that the W. T.O.
Senior United States officials said on Wednesday that they had filed a brief to the W. T.O.
The move is likely to ratchet up trade tensions with China, which the White House has called one of the world’s biggest trade offenders.
It could also strengthen the resolve among top Trump administration officials in their claims that the W. T.O.


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