Trading Forex for Beginners – The Basics

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I show am example of a simple trade, what traders look for, and how you can make money of trading currencies. I also show how to execute stop-loss and limit orders to protect profits and losses.

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blaze5050 says:

If I put £1000 in a trading account, could I loose £5000 with my first
trade? = loosing more than my deposit amount?

浩伟 Lim says:

Does any one know what does the number between the word sell and buy
means?Is is the number of lots?

MrFourkinghell says:

why are there sooo many videos for beginners and so few for experienced
Answer- all the experienced traders are broke.

Luciano Kelly says:

Wonder why most forex traders lose? Learn how to trade with the “smart

Slender Man says:

hello sir +KATOMATE01 why are you selling the euro if it weakens against
the dollar? isn’t that means that you’re selling euro with less

Sid the Science Kid says:


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ArmellinoM3 says:

Does anyone have the link to that chart from I can not
seem to find it.

Kerim Timirbulatov says:

Great tutorial thanks! I’d like to know, If the currency rate move to an
undesired direction, Can i keep changing the stop loss point several time
during one order so that i can ovoid stop loss?

Lumin Entertainment says:

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Admin Clickbusiness says:

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Collins Githinji says:

I didn’t get the training site right..mind clarifying?thanks.

Don Pips says:


thequack1968 says:

Seems like most of the coments below are trying to scam you out of your
money with their super secret trading software.

Gabrielius Vadapalas says:

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Ashley Fleming says:

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jo Nogu says:

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Anna Monti says:

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bornfedslaughter says:

Can you hold your positions indefinitely in this fake market? For the day
the dollar bubble pops and you wish you had some Euro and Yen.

Tremayne Douglas says:

Thanks man!

johnny albit says:

This is awful. Not once does he mention what we’re looking at are
candlesticks, what they mean, and difference between green and red. 

Mainul Tushar says:

I loved the video. So many new things to learn. I just loved it.

Anna Forex Group says:

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Sunny sidhu says:

thanks for this

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Innovitar firstInline says:

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grow? And how much you withdraw into your savings account from your

Albert Pettibone says:

I have a question, where do you find the practice demo account on

Capex Forex Trading says:

It’s always a good idea to start with a practice account. 

Thomas Landeston says:

great share

sniizam90 says:

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MatthewSim says:

What is the link?

Yew Hann Loo says:

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