Tools of the Trade — Episode 8 — Solo Monitor Trading, Part 1

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Briguy’s Tools of the Trade, Episode 8, Solo Monitor Trading, Part 1 (Special Thursday Edition)


In this episode, Briguy discusses ways to trade with a single computer monitor. After sharing member-submitted photos, Briguy shows how to use built-in Microsoft Windows tools to size various trading windows, as well as using keyboard Hot Keys to trade in TD Ameritrade’s Think or Swim (TOS). Here is an outline of the topics covered:

* Window layouts in Microsoft Windows:
— Cascading
— Stacking
— Side by side
* Resizing windows
* Using maximize vs. restore
* Organizing charts and trading windows
* Keyboard Hot Keys in TOS
— For moving between tabs
— For placing quick orders
* Trading with Active Trader in TOS
— Configuring trade buttons
— Using multiple charts
* Use the News gadget in TOS
* Sorting Watchlist columns
* Using Alt-Tab & Alt-Shift-Tab in Microsoft Windows

In the next episode in this series, Briguy will explore additional Tools of the Trade for Solo Monitor Trading, including audio cues and other apps.


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