These Tech Stocks Are Near Trade Levels

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These Tech Stocks Are Near Trade Levels
While the price could continue to drop a bit lower – a decline to $145 would still be within the norm – Apple has entered a potential buying zone.
Current conditions point to a buying opportunity for these stocks, but a continued decline
that brings the prices below key support levels would serve as a warning that the uptrend is over.
If the price falls below the June swing low of $142.20 and does not quickly recover back above
that level, then it is highly likely that Apple is reversing the trend, and caution is warranted on any long positions.
However, the price could drop below the key level of $144 and then produce the strong up day right after, signaling the long trade.
Between Sept. 1 and Sept. 25, Apple shares pulled back as much as 9.57%, putting the pullback within the historical norm.
That buy location occurs near a key level, so a continued decline would suggest sitting back and waiting for another trade.


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