Stock Trading Quick Tip: The “Penny Stock Pick” Scam Exposed

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It does not take very long when trading penny stocks (especially if you hang around on Twitter, Facebook, message boards, etc.) until you come across the tried and true “stock pick” scam. While it is most prevalent in the world of penny stocks, the concept still holds true for stocks on any exchange. In this Quick Tip lesson I expose how this scam works and why the majority of people will lose money, particularly those who are brand new to the market.

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Thomas Quinn says:

Clay, Thank you so much for your videos. Your genuine and I feel like I
have a personal teacher. Your videos are great, and you are clear and
concise about everything. There are other “Gurus” that do this as well,
and they are good, but you break it down to the simplest of terms so
everyone can understand. You are providing a great service and I really
appreciate the time you put in. Keep it up!

Doran Mauldin says:

Thanks Clay. I’m just getting started and this is a great start to my stock
trading journey.

mixumup1 says:

Good simple video,, I called my fair share of pumpers liars in my start
lol… This is why u hear about beginners who lose all their money… Dont
worry Most rookies have to learn the ropes b4 they become professionals,,
dont give up just dont be so eager to trade, take your time and get the
knowledge first… U may think you know but ur really just still a
rookie… Good luck traders

Ryan McKinney says:

haha “blaming aliens” made me laugh, love your informative videos and thank
you so much for everything.

Secret Transient says:

You’re very correct. But, I do still do quite well in penny stocks…
because I stay far, far away from message boards. That, in combination with
my modest lifestyle, as is not expecting to be an instant millionaire,
makes me successful. Thank you for pointing out all the nonsense that
exists though :)

speedfreak1983 says:

Great video on how Things work. If you want to understand how to make Money
on penny Stocks without much risk wach some videos here on youtube posted
by Tim Sykes. I`m no expert but his videos explain how you can earn Money
on this type of behaviour. My unexperienced statement would be to never
fall for the scam as Clay Trader describes very good in this video, but do
the Research as Tim sykes does. It might not be easy to know when to invest
but have a penny Stock on Your watch-list, when it goes up be ready cause
the safest bet is that it WILL GO DOWN agan and that`s when you invest in a
put position. Tim Sykes quote: “Most penny Stocks are shit, and that`s why
they will og Down again”
This video describes much of the reason this is true and is a good reason
to never listen to a broker that Call you in the evening With an amazing
oportunity. What he actually says is that the Stock is available but ve
want everyone to buy at the same time so the price goes through the roof,
and the brokers make tons of Money in a day. (you can loose 90% while they
earn 1000%) You can make tons of Money on penny Stocks but not by investing
as Clay Trader warns about.
Before doing any kind of Investment follow one rule: No Money exept lottery
prices comes without work so do RESEARCH on ways to invest and
positive/negative sides, strategies, risk, and what is an option With Your
economy / available hours.
If you get Your own broker allso be sceptical and think of risk management.
If a broker Calls you to help you get Rich, tell him in the nicest possible
way to fu.. off.
Following my own rules have made me earn Money on binary options. I`m not
getting Rich anytime soon but I`m not loosing Money either. Considering to
do Tim Sykes Method because of risk managment.
Best of Luck to every amateur investor out there as my self:)

Kristian Peros says:

great video!

douglas grosch says:

excellent explanation thanksgreat service and teacher want to join your
chat room!!!!!!!!!awesome!!!!!!!

TooTurnt Kraze says:

Hey, does the uk timezone make a difference in stock trading or determine
the broker?

Kiril Simeonov says:

I remember when i was a beginner getting caught in those well promoted
websites with “hot tips” about pennystocks that are about to skyrocket. Its
funny because they want you to subscribe with a monthly fee for those tips.
So my immediate thought then was why would you make people pay if you want
to help them and if you dont want to help them and know for sure that a
stock is gonna skyrocket then why expose it to the public. It was also
pretty funny that the guy was always saying he bought the stock way below
the current price and he had a web chat with 400 followers so as you said
he actually loaded the stock and used those 400 people to hit his asks. The
funny thing is its a clear scam and a well dressed one, with proper
advertising and everything. Lastly, when i realized this I started shorting
these stocks whenever the hype was huge and most of them plummeted shortly
after. Oh and yeah i just gotta say this this guy calls himself Superman
and is promoted by Timothy Sykes, so yeah folks stay away from those. Good
video man. 

pajto3 says:

Thanks tweeting this video. Wishing I would have found it sooner. Didn’t
lose money yet, but could have pulled away with a significant gain had I
realized all this sooner. They are at the blaming part of the triangle and
blaming everyone… even you… lol.

Play Boy says:

All togather folks..”Don’t believe the hype”. Thanks a lot Clay.

aflacsoup69 says:

thanks for the honesty, and the great videos of you trading, you the man

Craig Ephraim says:

Great video. Similar concepts to your Penny Stock video.

Kerah Jones says:

Awesome video. Very informative.

Jesse Crotts says:

this has definately happened to me when I was a beginner.

Doowrk says:

great video Clay! I didn’t buy more shares because of the hype but I did go
into red thinking they were going to go up much higher. Now I’m not sure
if i sell with big loss or just keep and hope they hype them again.

Andrew Nadermann says:

Keep up the great work Clay

Ipro Dev says:

Teach me how to trade.

Michael Evans says:

Thanks for the info, keep em coming

Marcus Harri says:

This is one of your Best Videos Clay love it! 

Pablo Ledezma says:

so short the pump

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