No Trading Until New Courses Are Finished

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Close, I didn’t do any trading today and now I’m going to be working on producing a brand new course from the ground up to better teach the codes and how to use them and different strategies to use to better profit from them, which usually means strategies on how to better take the entries into them. I’ll be teaching the new courses from the charting service itself because the codes are on the charts, in fact you could say the codes are the charts or the charts are the codes. So teaching the codes at the chart level then makes a lot of sense and should help new traders to the code learn easier, faster, in less time, teaching the most up to date information about the codes that I have with the daily charts of the codes being done everyday in my new charting service of the codes. This shows the most up to date information you can get with respect to how the codes are working now and how to catch them. I’ll be continuing with the charting service while I record the new courses and I’ll be back to trading after the courses are done which I project my return date to trading will be March 16th which is a Monday. See all of you then. Happy Trading Traders….David…Oil Trading Academy


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No Trading Until New Courses Are Finished

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