Live day trading for 965$ in 45 min. Meir Barak

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Learn day trading strategies for US stocks. Follow a full-time trader. This is day trading live video – October 17, 2012 covering a trading day of Meir Barak a Tradenet instructor ended up with a profit of $965. Watch all my videos at:


Marius Mada says:

Daniel, it’s 100 a month or 1200 a year – that’s amazing. I will be back
into trading soon enough, studying for the series 7 and 66 at the moment
had to take a step back from day trading but I love Meir’s strategies and
the use of VWAP

Ted Laramore says:

Do you use market or limit orders, also do you pay per share or flat fee. I
can see you clicking the level 2 but your fills look to fast to be limit
most of the time. Also, do you ever let stuff work a little longer after
you take the first lot. Asml today broke down 3 dollars.. Way past .50
cents.. Thanks.. great vids..

TradenetTV says:

Hi, the trade room is $100 or $1,200 a year, but you can get 2 weeks trial
if you email me:

Marius Mada says:

Meir I visited your site, I can’t seem to see how much you charge for
sessions etc. Looks more of like an actual class!

TradenetTV says:

limits. Yes, my Colmex Pro platform is the fastest I ever had! I pay
per/share fee. I have seen ASML braking, but this is not my trading stile.
my moto is: “I made my money by selling too soon” Bernard Baruch (a famous
trader 1870–1965) :)

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