Learning How To Day Trade Pt 3: Setting Up A Trading Business

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Learning How To Day Trade Pt 3 – Setting Up A Trading Business


Cee Toni says:

Thanks! Looking forward to more videos

aspired2be says:

I’ve learned so much from watching you guys trade. Truly no bullshit
trading. Definitely rare in the industry!!!!!!!!! I’m trading now and once
I bank enough for the 3 month program, I’m in. Getting eaten alive by
commissions at TDA tho. What would you recommend for brokers? Need to be
able to trade in Frankfurt too in May and I heard TDA is only US based…
Anyway, good stuff man! Thank you.

Rolando Mederos says:

This has been very informative! Thanks for the upload.

Dan P says:

what would you recommend to someone who does not have the immediate finance
to take part in your course

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