Learn Online Stock Trading : Are Stock Market Simulators Better Than Trading Platforms?

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The stock market is very dynamic. It’s a living, breathing creature that continuously changes with time. Change the political status of a country and the stock market changes with it. Conflicts and other events of national interest can also change how the stock market behaves.

From this knowledge alone, I can tell you that using a stock market simulator will not suffice. It’s not enough to provide you all the details that you need about a market. A stock market simulator, from the name itself simulates how the stock market works but it doesn’t represent the market in its full entirety unlike a demo trading platform.

A demo trading platform on the other hand is the same with a live trading account except that the former doesn’t involve real money. Using a demo trading account allows you to trade using real time information without you shelling out cash. As you can see, you get first-hand experience of the stock market. If you’re going to pursue using a stock market simulator, when you go live trading, you’d probably be surprised at how dynamic the market is. It’s totally different! So if you really want to learn online stock trading, use a demo trading platform.

In this video, get more familiar with the benefits of a trading platform.

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