HOW TO DAY TRADE March 5th 2012

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March 5th 2012 If you have questions about my trading system, contact me:
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This video is of “paper trades”, no real capital was used.

I make free educational day trading videos.

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Intro sound clip music by: Kevin MacLeod

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Arne Weise Weise says:

Thank you for more info, extra + that it´s in 720p. Thanks!

Fernando Juarez says:

<3 Love

WackyPlushMovieGuy says:

nice video

Parkour4trace95 says:


Darran cosgrove says:

I hope you get attacked by a wild racoon

MasterPourKnowP says:

No poop, it’s my b-day too.

Алексей Пархомов says:

Thank you for the video, very informative, but I use the money …

deadblood0 says:

Be that as it may, this is not the proper response to this comment. Please
share the good news in a relevant manner, lest folks on the internet jump
on you and get upset.

TrutSpeaker076 says:


FALLOUT3514 says:

please dont bring this crap here

The Insane Chemist says:

Cool video! I have always been interested in the stock market, but this
seems really complicated! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

nonenowere says:

The evidence is all around you.

fredjonesjunior FAKE says:

Forget classes , don’t buy any books get you a tradestation account.. Learn
how to use the platform but ignore their advise , called Education, in
their disclaimers Just observe the action on the Matrix, compare how the
current price attacks your order in live trading and simulated trading. The
current price will stalk your order. Watch what it does with your executed
order, don’t fool around with capital preservation. , You must embrace big
risk. Your stop loss orders are identif

SaturdayMorningAlive says:


elvisuptown1 says:

Appreciate the kind words, don’t forget to subscribe.

Artemis750 says:

Why are you replying to that? He just copy-pasted it from something else
and he replied to a random comment.

xylfox says:

Trading is MUCH greater than poker.Its real life.

adrianwillis360 says:

If Jesus comes back I’m going to punch him balls.

cybersasho says:

LOL fuckin best comment ever :D:D

atanas delchev says:

This is sooooo not interesting!

صدقه جاريه says:

Keep going

withwingsaseagleeyes says:

Get out of this monetary system if you can.

xbuster17 says:

what is all these so called trade have to do with actual trade or markets?
can’t people and companies and governments trade in the market without some
money junkies behind computers manipulating prizes and all that? i’m sure
there’s some legit use for this, maybe? but it seems not necessary and many
times disturbing for the real economy.

Ivan Benjie Viray says:

march 6 is my birthday 😀

Slave2PaperWithInkOn says:

Watch the vid… (IF uploader WANTS you to)…”Why Do Banks Make So Much
Money?” by PositiveMoney.Peace

ehowl02071402 says:

와~~~~정말놀랍네요!!!!! 배울수있다면 배우고싶군요..ㅜㅜ ↑↑↑↑↑means Wawoo you are perfect!!! I
would like to learn about that by you..,.ㅜㅜ..

akira san says:

to be honest , i think u know wt are u doing cuz i still wanna figure out
wt all these files open for and the little yellow one , :) .i do n’t get ur
point so wish u the best.

александр жук says:


Slave2PaperWithInkOn says:

Watch vid =”Why Do Banks Make So Much Money?” and all others by

Marian F says:

not for me, man…

October 31 says:

i see this

elvisshakesit says:

i dont trade sorry i earn a living with my craft not pushin paper

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