FIFA 15 – Ultimate Trading Guide Methods for 1k to 100k – Insane Profits

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Hey guys The Ultimate Trading Guides have arrived 17 minutes long showing Methods from 1k all the way to 100k if you are new feel free to subscribe and if you enjoyed please leave a massive thumbs up!! Can we smash 100 likes !!

Skype add me – Pryme.fut

twitch – – follow me !

hope you enjoyed a like would be amazing !


PrymeFUT says:

Hey guys hope you really enjoy this video if you want to see more videos
like these in the future then leave a big thumbs up and enjoy the video :D

David Moerdijk says:

what is that site?

xSweeeD says:

You bring great content, but you have shown these methods about 5 times
now… I think we know them by now

ThatRandomGuy says:

New York Red Bulls is an amazing badge to trade with! Goes for about 1.5k
but you can pick them up for about 400 coins since people never check the
prices of the less popular leagues!

PrymeFUT says:
Javier Lopez says:

whats the name of the page were he check prices?

TheLetalTeam says:

which is the page where you view the prices?

Ralph Andrei Yorong says:

if this works i will donate to you only if it works..

MagmaFlame says:

Very helpful, using a couple of these. I support man city too! XD

Scorpion5187 says:

what website are you doing the trading on?

james cowling says:

Does anyone know that there is a Left back with Five star skill? He plays
for shactar in the rest of the world league. 

troll academy says:

Do EA charge tax on your profits with consumables or is it just players 

MiniFifa Zz says:

Which website does he use to check the prices? Great video Mate :D

Boxer7500 says:

Love it! I got to 50k and found myself in a slump. Gonna try these out!

aaron fialho says:

that silver 200 & 250 coin bid is so good! haha made so much profit

69_FPS says:

lol they sell non rare gold players for 250, but quicksell is 300 coins :D

Skizziie Samat says:

What’s ur psn

OPTIFY- Home of GTA V, COD AW and much more says:

Great video I liked it. Keep up the good work!!

MB G says:

but you can pay like £2.50 and get 40k instantly if you buy it. If you ask
me £2.50 or the struggle of trading for days/weeks then id throw that money
at you straight away

Skizziie Samat says:

Are u Australian 

Harry Divers says:

whats the site u used to check how much the players are

suleyman bulbul says:


Ping Pong says:

Can you please explain the cm-cam method please?

Matthew Graham says:
MM6Gaming says:

thanks your really good help

Clash FTW! says:


matt wood says:

your first method is heaps good im making some decent proffit out of it
great vidieo

PS: what A-leauge team do you support #AUFC 

Paddy Mccormick says:

whts the site you search the players

HxEvilstunerxH says:

What is the name of that website?

Chubbasaur - FIFA 15 Trading Tips and More! says:

New Very Effective Trading Method on My Channel! Be the first to take
advantage of the amazing profits!

Adib El Ansari says:

it so freaking gooood it works a lot!!!!!


denis0830 says:

guys help i am trying to figure out how to use some trading method in fifa
world but no luck so far

TA31 _A says:

Splash cam to cm more

LittleBigTazbio says:

great help! awesome video too 

Anton Tjäder says:

great vid! Subbed!

Burningfrenzy55 says:

Wow thanks dude im gonna have 100k in no time subscribe to me peeps and ill

Amin Syed says:


DeckedNoob says:

U Australian?


very help full video i have made 50k in a day using all these methods thank

Cristian Orellana says:

Got Tadic at CDM for. 2.3k looking to sell him 4 3.5k

Fifa World Cup 2014 says:

Very nice! Love FIFA as much as we do? Check out our highlights video by
visiting our channel. Thank you!

CJgaimz says:

i subbed

Hvad sker der for jer er i glar? says:

Contract is 100,- profit

11PM Gamer says:

No Doubt… The best Video for 0 – 100k

ben12114 says:

I’m surprised you didn’t mention your CF trading method, it has been very
good for me.

Slim Shady says:

Your silver method is really great..thanks buddy..

Maxwell Bridge says:

Great vid man. I find all fifa youtubers are boring. but your vids are
good. Cheers keep it up

Khal Clary says:

awesome video!

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