Enhanced MACD Crossover Alerts Day Trading Indicator for NinjaTrader

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http://pwc2.com/IW-MACD-CA – In this video we explain the MACD and the Crossover Alert Settings on the Ninja Trader platform. The MACD can alert bearish and bullish trends and momentum using the crossover signals. Find out how to choose your choice of moving average types, like the TEMA, for example. You can also apply visual alerts to show on the price chart. Easily configure the crossing type, moving average type, and the period, for example.


Peter Turner says:

thank you very well presented i can see the value of macd which i use as
the foundation of my tadeing, and what you are teaching takes you on a much
deeper level of trading ,im going to check out Iw thank you again 

Mikebergen718 says:

Is the macd alert something you need to purchase and install in ninja
trader, i only have the basic macd in ninja trader

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