Day trading videos – $1,482 in 1 hour – Live with Meir Barak

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Day trading videos – day trading strategies for US stocks. Follow a full-time professional trader. This is day trading live video — September 4, 2013 covering a trading day of Meir Barak a Tradenet instructor ended up with a profit of $1482. Watch all my videos at:
Learn day trading strategies for the US equities. Follow a full-time trader and a trade plan that works. Join a team of traders helping traders where new and experienced traders experience high probability low risk trading.
Day trading in stocks on Wall Street. Meir Barak trades together with Tradenet’s internet trading room in real-time so that you can get a full view of his trading screens. A must see for all capital market lovers, investors and traders. Educational as well as mesmerizing!
In order to become a successful trader and effective in day trading, you require to practice trading on daily basis. There are an abundance of methods to make money in trading. The simplest way to make income online is to comply with a basic, established and predictable trading system.


River Elder says:

What length is your moving average set to?

Meir Barak says:
Meir Barak says:

Very simple: that’s what i do best. Every trader should find his system.
that’s mine.

Magnus Ørum says:

Hey Meir. I saw your video on your online trading room and I was wondering
how to apply for it and watch you trade?

aqeel3344 says:

Can you apply this to fx markets ?

Maverick5588 says:

How did you get into this? where can I start? and what do you think of tgl
on the tsx or tga for americans???

superduperboyx says:

Unless its changed, I believe if you hold a stock for less than a year, its
about 30-40% tax. If you hold the stock for more than a year, then its 15%.

Meir Barak says:

Hi Kris, yes you can apply to our prop firm. email me for more details. My
email is on the channel picture.

Nathan Calleja says:

Another great vid! Hey Meir do you ever get tired of making so much skrill?

iFight732 says:

I love how your broker always has stocks to short.

Meir Barak says:

Of course. email me.My email is on the channel picture.

Jeremy Tay says:

so you look for stocks that gap up/down during the opening? What about the
time period for your trading? Do you trade during the opening or towards
the closing? Do you also select stocks that have good volume (more

Meir Barak says:

Taxes… I really had fun until this question :)

Meir Barak says:

I strongly believe that stocks are easier than Forex. When you trade a
stock (or the stock CFD) you usually know the “story” behind the price move
and therefore have much higher success rate. Also, a stock price, unlike
Forex, can move several percents in a few minutes or hours, therefore you
can make a profit without taking a very large and risky margin. Forex move
on average less than 1% a day and therefore you must use a very high margin
in order to make a profit.

Zane Trotter says:

Meir,everytime I watch your videos im inspired! Wonderful my friend

Meir Barak says:

You probably can, email me (my email is on the channel’s picture) and I
will try to help you out. you will probably risk about 5% of your money
everyday. The more capital you have, the better are you chances to succeed.
With $1,000, I don’t think that your chances are very good.

Troy Douglas says:

Meir thanks for your response. I watched a few more videos of you (where
you have the web cam on yourself as you trade) and you do in fact seem
legit. I will be e-mailing you soon.

TradenetTV says:

was away for 3 weeks. back home now :)

Troy Douglas says:

Well if the videos were on a back-dated simulator, he would know the
perfect entries and exits – there are scammers like this. However I’ve
watched more videos of his and he is legit. I work in investment finance
and am just wary because most traders lose most of their capital. I like
this guy 😉

Meir Barak says:

Hi, I use the Colmex Pro software. Colmex is a regulated broker. If you
wish to know more about Colmex, email me. My email is on the channel’s
picture and I will be happy to help. Good luck! Meir.

Meir Barak says:

Thanks. I average $100/day in commissions.

Kris Taylor says:

Hi.Meir how much do i need to put up in a colmex account to sell option

Origami Pancaiku says:

Hello, I was just wondering why you are always trading after gap-downs and
gap-ups specifically?

MrMaier3000 says:

I emailed you but I never get an answer from you..

Meir Barak says:

sorry, please try again.

Marco Herremans says:

I’m a very good trader but i have no money to start real trading do you
know a investor?

HonnerQ says:

Meir, I’m forex trader, but i’m wondering, if you have any experience on
forex trading if so which is better, stock option or forex..?

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