Day Trading TSLA for $1,370 in 1 hour — Meir Barak

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Learn day trading strategies for US stocks. Follow a full-time professional trader. This is day trading live video — April 1, 2013 covering a trading day of Meir Barak a Tradenet instructor ended up with a profit of $1,370. Watch all my videos at:
Learn day trading strategies for the US equities. Follow a full-time trader and a trade plan that works. Join a team of traders helping traders where new and experienced traders experience high probability low risk trading.
Day trading in stocks on Wall Street. Meir Barak trades together with Tradenet’s internet trading room in real-time so that you can get a full view of his trading screens. A must see for all capital market lovers, investors and traders. Educational as well as mesmerizing!
In order to become a successful trader and effective in day trading, you require to practice trading on daily basis. There are an abundance of methods to make money in trading. The simplest way to make income online is to comply with a basic, established and predictable trading system.


Ran Wang says:

Do colmex requires a day-trading deposit restriction, $25,000? Thank you

Ran Wang says:

What’s the chart pattern do you usually use for day-trading?

John James says:

I am completely new to the idea of trading stock, and haven’t invested any
money at this point. I wanted to try to learn as much as I can before
investing anything. Whats a good starting point to learn about investing?

TheBlanco951 says:

Great videos. Ive learned a couple new things from watching ur videos.
Thank you for posting them!

TradenetTV says:

You are welcome. Please email me to:

Dan R says:

TSLA is a crazy stock for sure

David Pope says:

I would love to join your trading course. Do you accept U.S. Traders? Even
if it is just for education, I would glady pay!

brian living says:

very very good daytrader learning so much

TradenetTV says:

Hi Michael, you can get all kind of lessons. Please email me to: and I will be glad to give you some more information.

TradenetTV says:

In the US – only if you join Tradenet’s prop group. In Canada – yes (prop
and brokerage)

John Butts says:

What software and finacial instituion are you useing. Is your money
connected to the software?

iabw1987 says:

Great daytrade session! Very nice to see someone having such a good day!

Meir Barak says:

My broker is Colmex. Colmex is a regulated EU financial institute. If you
are interested in opening an account with Colmex, let me know to:

idkyoo says:

can you use colmex in america?

crayon851 says:

Whats your win loss ratio?

John Butts says:


michael rodrigues says:

hello are you in uk ? Where do you live ? i’m interested if you could give
me some classes even by skype will awesome, i’m living in london by the
away, waiting for your answer thankyou 😉

Meir Barak says:

68% wins. 7/10 trading days in profit.

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