Day Trading Support Resistance

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Close In this video we show you the different intraday Support/Resistance types.

Prior Day High/Low
Overnight High/Low
Gap Fill

Support/Resistance can be split into 2 categories; Tested and Not Tested. They are traded differently so you must know the difference between them so you can spot them on your charts.

Support/Resistance intraday are used for both entries and analysis. We show you both in this video. By knowing these few tips you are greatly increasing the odds of success in Day Trading.

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Tony Cipriani says:


Stock Market Strategy says:

When the reversal trade occurred the support was confirmed. That is why I
say it is not tested yet. Had the price continued below prior high then no
one would have noticed the “support”.

mehrshadvr4 says:

Thanks for your great videos. Do you have any recommendation on trading
software or website that runs in real life trading market but we can use it
as practice for the beginners? I want to test my strategies and find out
about my ability to trade before I start using my money.

Dennis Boyer says:

Agreed. You are very right. Nice reply!

Stock Market Strategy says:

I suggest using ThinkOrSwim as it is free and you can use it as a simulator.

Dennis Boyer says:

No offense, but the first “Not Tested” area was tested in the fact that it
was a polarity reversal trade based on a previous high which is shown at
the left.

Stock Market Strategy says:

You are welcome. I do make mistakes so when a viewer points it out I check.
Happy Trading!

Capital Forex Training says:

This is a good subject. Creating a bias such as break of 2 day low can
create a good indication of current direction.

Dennis Boyer says:

So do I! LOL!

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