Day Trading Options OVER $25,000 PROFIT Google Pt 1

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Close Day Trading Options OVER $25,000 PROFIT Google Pt 1. Live Options Trading Education How to Get Executed on the Highs of the Day Google Puts. In this live options trading video we’ll show you how SMF Options Traders exited this trade with a nice profit

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StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

Thanks for tuning in, we had fun!

OptionsSchool says:

Sweet trade!

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

Very true, sell them on down to our entries on the call side!

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

$.50 isn’t very high on GOOG, PCLN, or ISRG. It’s because the equities have
$30-1.00 spread in the name and have light volume. It’s good when you get
hit on the bid side and turn around and sell the ask!

itsadeadmansparty says:

what do you say about investing into a ultra short stocks tomorrow? Is that
what you would do? Do you foresee the market going down heavy or staying
around where it is today? Like whats about a SDS?

ChartingPlatform says:

Nice work on the trade!

StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

We believed markets were oversold and looking to bounce so no, don’t
“invest” in those things, they’re good trading instruments intraday at the
right price levels.

sick4live says:

pretty ineffecient market, with a spread on the options of nearly 50 cents

YuMiX4You says:

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Nothing like it!

itsadeadmansparty says:


StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

Thanks for tuning in, have a great weekend!

chess747 says:

He sounds like his Jewish ….weird sense of humour.

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