Day Trading Live january 9 2015

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One quick trade on FIVE for a $1700 profit. Watch my live recorded day trading session.


חנן ויצמן says:

Hi nathan. Great video. Had the exact same trade and also bbby. Both

I see you making profits every day. You manage your profit very good and
i’ve learned alot from you but i’m very intrasted to know how you manage
your losing day.

Thanks alot!

nainjatt says:

What ? 5000 shares short? Nathan, you got balls of steel man !

Chris P says:

That trade was very frustrating for me, fortunately I took GILD later on
which took me to my daily profit target, ending the day nicely. I dont
think either of us had a red day this week which is really awesome. Moving
my share size up a bit after the 15th, and increasing my daily profit
target a bit.

DGTrader says:

Hey Nathan, I’m a big fan. Quick question, your setups and trades look very
similar to Meir Baraks, and you say you learnt a lot from Harvey Walsh, do
you think Meir and Harvey have similar strategies?

bg2351 says:

Nathan, whats your account size or buying power to buy/sell that many

Silviu Cocîr says:

hi, can you explain the colors from the tape Time and Sell ? the red color
is at ASK price and blue is at BID price ?
thank. your video is a great source of knowledge 

Trader 12 says:

Great trade! I like how you used the daily chart along with the shorter
time frame in your analysis. Thanks for posting the video. I was watching
FIVE & BBBY yesterday. I shorted the BBBY.

sniperms54 says:

I want to learn how to short… but I use etrade..

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