Day Trading for $3,886 in 1 hour — Meir Barak

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Learn day trading strategies for US stocks. Follow a full-time professional trader. This is day trading live video — February 13, 2013 covering a trading day of Meir Barak a Tradenet instructor ended up with a profit of $3,886. Watch all my videos at:
Learn day trading strategies for the US equities. Follow a full-time trader and a trade plan that works. Join a team of traders helping traders where new and experienced traders experience high probability low risk trading.
Day trading in stocks on Wall Street. Meir Barak trades together with Tradenet’s internet trading room in real-time so that you can get a full view of his trading screens. A must see for all capital market lovers, investors and traders. Educational as well as mesmerizing!
In order to become a successful trader and effective in day trading, you require to practice trading on daily basis. There are an abundance of methods to make money in trading. The simplest way to make income online is to comply with a basic, established and predictable trading system.


superduperboyx says:

For your short positions — what analysis are you using after knowing the
fact that the stock gap down and hoping that it will go down some more ? I
mean it seems like from many of the videos, and some observation, once it
gaps down, lots of buyers jump in to get on lower price, then it seems to
go down further from there? 

Eric Shipley says:

Hello Meir, I am Looking into getting into day trading..Can I do it and
start with very little money Low risk until i get my feet wet, like 50$ or

Drek1876 says:

i just sign up for your 14day free trial but i didnt get any email or
anything to continue 

skeleton jam says:

thanks I just gained $1.23k

JimmyD says:

@Meir Barak: While it is great that all of your videos are showing that
you are making money hand over fist…sounds too good to be true in my
personal opinion. It appears you are making a great living trading but I
am the one that is always wary. Anyway, can you show us a video that you
took a loss or big loss. No traders are perfect–period! and all your
videos you are perfect.

guitarplayer22100 says:

did you just tell us not to use stop orders? 

Dispatch Express says:

This guy plays russian rulet, no strategies at all, just stop losses
wouldn’t be enough. He is lucky!.

David M says:

Nice one !!! but how do you know if its gonna go down? just momentum?

Jhann Santos says:

im sure you already know but today is the earnings date for RAX =) i’m not
sure how that affects the market or the price but i’m eager to see how you
interpret/incorporate that information in your trades today, or if you’ll
even consider RAX for it. cheers! -JP

fabian garcia says:

hey meir, where can i locate the trading room and how much do you charge?
thank you

TradenetTV says:

Hi Fabian, we charge $120/month or $1,000/year. You can email me to: for more details.

Meir Barak says:

All about me: I have $15,000 in my Colmex account. Colmex gives me a 20:1
margin, therefore I have $300,000 buying power. I lose on average 3/10
days. My average losing day is $500. My average winning days are a little
more than $1,000. I total $10,000 – $15,000 / month. I trade only 90

coryyz says:

Hey, I am an absolute beginner and I’m very interested in learning this
business. I only have $1000 in my account. Is it still possible to be
successful with such little capital? Also I don’t understand how you made
money off of a falling stock ! Any advice would help

Lance Alot says:

So. You have 50k to just trade daily?

TradenetTV says:

Are you familiar with “shorting”? Yes, you can make money from a falling

thefowlyetti2 says:

Its Das Trader.. quite a few brokers use it.

jay cros says:

good trades for a great profit, I just have 2 objections. You shorted CLF
while it was testing $31 but you didn’t wait for it to put in a lower low
before you entered the trade, the price could have easily gown above $31
and then made a parabolic move to $31.50. The second objective I have is
putting in stops, I always set stops at my risk level and that would have
been just above $31 maybe at $31.10. If a stock makes a parabolic move
against you, you likely wont cover until it moves .20-.50

Scott Gaul says:

I have watched many of your videos and I am wondering how you time your
exits. Are you watching for an increase of Bid/Ask orders, the spread,
resistance at round numbers, slowing of price change, or what?

rich zed says:

which software is this?? I have been trading on cedar finance but I kept
losing… I am serious about trading and really wanna learn to do it the
way you do. you are awsom. I really loved your vedios.

M Smith says:

ehhh educated guess

strever5 says:

You think a lot

Ragnar says:

Unfortunately I don’t live outside the US. For now I guess i’ll just have
to go on long trades to increase my value.

Meir Barak says:

Thanks :)

TradenetTV says:

Mostly intraday – mostly gaps. nothing special. I also get a lot of help
from my trading room members.

TradenetTV says:

Hi Scott, you are welcome to join my trading room. I trade the US markets

nainjatt says:

Respect !

L Adriaan says:

Wow amazing trading! Do you have a day like this often or not? What do you
regularly make per day and what do you think a beginning trader is going to
make per day

TradenetTV says:

Thanks! I use Colmex pro software

Meir Barak says:

I like the way you think. You are on the right track.

Meir Barak says:

Hi, I use the Colmex Pro software. Colmex is a regulated broker. If you
wish to know more about Colmex, email me. My email is on the channel’s
picture and I will be happy to help. Good luck! Meir.

Meir Barak says:

Yes, email me. My email is on the channel picture.

TradenetTV says:

Hi Daniel. You can take my full Self Study Course (look at
for the Self Study Course ) it is now on a special $99 promotion price.
Yes, we have an online trading room, and I will gladly accept you in for a
2 weeks trial at no cost, if you will email me to:

Phil Tanji says:

Nice video, what software do you use?

Ragnar says:

Market was going down, why is it that you profited from it? I thought you
made money if it went up.

Roy Andrews says:

Just made $2.3k in 6 days. MarketWatch Virtual Stock Market. I basically
watch a stock, if it only goes down so far that day, or goes up so far that
day, I know it’s limits. I don’t have $25,000 to invest yet, but one day,
I’ll have it. I called Scottrade & TDAmeritrade, and they tell me I need
$25k, because I can’t rebuy a stock gotta wait 3 days till the money is
mine. need to sign a margin agreement. I LOVE THIS, but it’s a little hard,
but not really.

Viorel says:

That is a big gap made after the earning results. The earning was bad , so
was obvious will gonna continue to go down , But couse was a very big gap ,
many times is possible to go up to cover part of the gap . an experimented
trader would put first a buy stop above the highest of the day . that
wouldnt be triggered , after that would put a sell short stop under the
lowest of the day . regularly this is happening around 10:30 in the morning
. What you did , is called gambling .

Meir Barak says:

Try Colmex. they will open an account for $3,000 and give you a 1:20
margin. I use Colmex since 2008.

Meir Barak says:

Roy, there is a better solution. I can join our prop group for a very low
cost and trade the same platform that I do. Email me if you like to hear
more. My email is on the channel picture.

River Elder says:

Excellent trading.

Meir Barak says:

there is a way. email me. my email is on the channel picture.

Ragnar says:

I probably shouldn’t even be trading yet but I’m a hands on kind of person.
If I make a mistake, I rather make it then read it and learn from it. Will
your book be available on amazon?

TradenetTV says:

I watch all of this, but i am afraid that my exit decision can’t be defined
as exact science. It’s more like a combination of the market, sector,
momentum and all the factors you mentioned above. Add to this recipe my
current mental situation and you probably have some sort of a combination
of art and knowledge. That’s why this business is so hard, and this is
probably why I love it so much :)

bullock cristopher p says:

My trading profit skyrocketed 3 times after I start using this great
brokers. It’s exellence HOWTOTRADEFOREX.JUPLO.COM

TradenetTV says:

You need a minimum of $3,000. Making money of falling prices is called
“shorting” . search some info about it – you will easily find.

nainjatt says:

Hahaha, nice reply Meir !

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