Day Trading CFD’s for 1,286$ in 1 hour – Meir Barak

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Learn day trading strategies for US stocks. Follow a full-time proffessional trader. This is day trading live video — November 5 2012 covering a trading day of Meir Barak a Tradenet instructor ended up with a profit of $1,286. Watch all my videos at:


Chris Cullen says:

On average a CFD pays 1 point spread which can be quite a lot for a scalper

Myles Crouch-Anderson says:

Hi what minute graph do you trade? M1? assuming you trade them, do you us
this strategy for commodities and FX? Or just shares?


Maria Baker says:

It`s good but can you exemple more before you start to go live about ur
price profit and stop price , what is the CFD and how share to buy the min
thx for ur effort to teach us

eli pel says:

Is CFDs work the same ways than trading stock equities ? For example,
shorting 1000 shares of TWTR in a CFDs account ?

asteroid2sky says:

is there any CFDs calculator app for mobile phone

Álvaro A. Lorite says:

what platform do you use?

GeorgeBorko says:

Great video, i love this live action!! good commentary

GBL-RoGroup says:

I thank you in advance for considering to help me out with these questions.

GBL-RoGroup says:

What is the leverage for cfd with colmex? 1:20? I understand mt4 for frex
cfd is 1:200. but that would me a different account.

GBL-RoGroup says:

Can you trade both equities and cfds on one platform or you need 2

GBL-RoGroup says:

Hi I would like to know what is the leverage ratio for cfd on colmex?Also
you trade cfd as regular stocks, meaning you buy 300 shares and decide to
dump 200, and u still have remaining 100. Or is that just on regular colmex
pro trader? I love the plaform. What are the data feeds on equities and
cfds if you want to trade us markets.

fs9LEBL says:

Thx for the vid.
Where does it say how many commissions you paid?

Meir Barak says:

I have $15,000 in my Colmex account. Colmex gives me a 1:20 margin,
therefore I have $300,000 buying power, which is much more than I need.

ImC00LyourNOT says:

hey curious.. if you dont mind me asking how much do you pay in commissions
to your broker?

ImC00LyourNOT says:


pequi99 says:

Hi Meir. At minute 1:42 you say it’s what you were looking for. What make
you feel so sure that would continue up? I would sell wondering that it
should be a reversal trend. That’s why some make money and others don’t…

TradenetTV says:

Anywhere out of the US. the broker is an EU regulated broker named Colmex
Pro. they will not open accounts for US residents or citizens. they can
also give you 1:10 margin. Great platform!

Adrian Tinarelli says:

What platform is??

TradenetTV says:

My “limit” order was $46.88, but the actual best price at the moment I
pushed the “buy” button was better – $46.82. A good broker should always
provide you the best execution price available, as was in this case. A
“limit” order means that I am not ready to pay more than the “limit” price,
in this case $46.88, but will be very happy to get a better price when
available in the market. Some brokers will buy low and sell you high if
they can, and make a profit on this spread.

nainjatt says:

What is “Spreads for CFD”. Could you please explain Meir ?

TradenetTV says:

I agree, CFD is better, but you need to be careful with the broker you
choose. Most brokers are opening the spreads for CFD, and this is no good
for traders. which broker do you use? As far as I know only Colmex let you
trade the real market spreads.

Maher Arabi says:

Is it the regular colmex pro platform or the expert?

TradenetTV says:

the real market difference between buyers (bid) and sellers (ask) is called
spread. in most high volume stocks, the spread is 1-3 cents. When you trade
CFD’s instead of stocks, the broker is also a market maker, which means he
can open up the spreads in a way that the spread is wider than real market
spread (of course they make more money by doing so) most CFD brokers open
the spread in 3-12 cents. Colmex (my broker) is the only broker I know that
lets you trade real market spreads. clear?

Maher Arabi says:

Is there any disadvantages for trading CFDS compared to trading stocks?
From what you have said it looks like trading CFDS is a lot better than
trading equities. Thanks

TradenetTV says:

depends on quantities, you will pay 0.5 to 0.8 cent/share

TradenetTV says:

the regular

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