CSGO +rep Trading from Nothing to Knife? :: Episode 1 – $5 Profit!

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Hello guys I decided to come up with my new video series called: +rep Nothing to Knife? where I trade up starting from nothing and hopefully ending up with a knife… maybe! Someone already did this series but did not finish and I want to attempt to finish it. Please subscribe for more CSGO and me :), enjoy.
Music (In Order):
Lensko – Cetus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3vrV-WNmsc
Ahrix – Nova: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjNdYp2gXRY
Ahrix – Moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y3nwwV576g
Dropouts – Let Go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4u2CnxAu-8
Ahrix – Left Behind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1Ol9sqV98s


Per Permert says:

CSGO Lounge does not work for 50% of the people bcs of inventory not
showing. Fucking retarded website that puts no effort into their bots or
anything that gives you as a user a bonus. Nope. Oooonly money. That’s the
ONLY thing they want.

Covalence Dust says:

You forgot to put jawa’s steam account in the description, I have like 100
alt accounts with CS:GO for idling, I swear to god, I will report that guy
with all the accounts I have, you’re such a nice person that you even payed
your friend back. Somewone pulled of the EXACT same scam on me a couple
months ago. :C

Nikola Soskic says:

u can report him to steam support and get ur knife back that’s what i did
when they stole my all inventory

MrPolaczek says:

I’m trying to change galil – (darude) sandstorm to p90 module from 3
hours…. it’s only 1 cents difference and nobody is accepting…

Chuck Norris says:

16:04 voice crack

Ural Okyaz says:

The adding feature from community market is not available anymore, what to
do now?

SiMPLE says:

16:04 Voice Crack Alert! xD
Great video though. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series.

Kryptohawk - GS:GO, Payday 2 & MORE! says:

Traded M4A1-S boreal Forest & AK blue lam For an AWP corticera, is that

Michael Li says:

My brother bet 120 dolla on betting but lost and he said if he won he would
give me a AWP| Assimov

TrueTheGuy says:

which web site is this 1:08

Atlantik Jashari says:

why when i try to get to a steam profile from the weapon skin i cant? i
dont know how to explain but its not showing like i can go to a steam
profile! please help!

TFS MoS says:

got scammed me , with the same way , but with higher tier knife

Milkman-007 says:

Funny seeing guns like the nitro that was so expensive 4 months ago lose
75% value

Joseph Kavanagh says:

Dont you get the 7day trade ban when you buy an item?

filip michalek says:

how do you add the guy?? I cant go on his profile nor anything and his
username doesnt show up :/

TrabelmakerNummer1 says:

The dream

marioiiiZ says:

How many offer did you made in the beginning and how much time it took you
to make 5 $ profit ?

Tom CMF says:

Wait wait wiat if you bet on that website do you lose stuff if you have
lost a beat?

MixuThe Gamer says:

I am good trader? I haved 8 buds unusual in tf2 and i traded it to unusual
what is 2 bud because i didin’t know price and it’s all claas hat and now i
don’t have any gat on tf2

Ivan Daničić says:

how do you get profit in every single trade. every time I try to trade with
somebody everybody wants like crazy overpay witch I cant affor :S cuz I
dont have a lot of good skins. I even heard from one guy he doesent want to
trade 1 pink for 3 purple and 3 blue. I even overpayed him for 1$ and still
nobody wanted to trade. how do you do this?

CowsHateMoos says:

what do you use to record?

SuperEesti says:

Yeah, middle man scams suck

MrWomb4t says:

I started trading 8 months ago and I now have a bayo fade

f1ka ! says:

I’ve got a problem pls help me when i bet after 1 minute say thath i don’t
have aany bet help ?

elad500000 3 says:

please answer dude, i wanna start doing from nothing to a knife too, but i
wanna use ur trick (adding the seller to friends)
but when i wanna do it, then i cant see the name, only the profile picture,
please help :/

Krepperman K says:

How can i add the people that sell their skins so low in the marketplace ?
I see them so often but just dont know how to contact them

Captain Phobos says:

I’m scared to ever trade on CSGOLOUNGE ever again, just got middleman
schemed last night.

royalblue121 says:

The knife thing was the middleman scam.

Epic Aaron says:

About 100 trades and your only $3 in profit mize we’ll work up the dollars
and just put the money on steam.

DDJosh Wasabio says:

yawa is a cuss word that means fuck

Mxfox Major Gaming says:

Thats what happend with my friend and i aswell, im really pissed people
like that need to be publically hung (that was a huge exaggeration dont
take it seriously :P).

Milkman-007 says:

Can someone tell me the tell-tale signs of a scammer and a hacker? Very new
to trading and just started getting into it. Having made some profit I’m
starting to worry what to trust. For example, should I trust people steam
level 0 with a private account? Seems pretty sketch to me considering they
have easier ways of reaching me. So can someone give the rundown on how to
spot scammers and hackers?

Bacon Baby says:

i got my knife from a droped case in a competive game its a Huntsman Knife
| Blue Steel :D

MightyCabbage says:

Yeah man the same scam nearly happened to me that sucks hard

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