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Close This is Franco’s chat room in Binary Options Trading Signals. Here we spend 2 hours daily (9.30 to 11.30 EST) listening to him and copying his trades as he explains what he’s doing and WHY he’s doing it. He tells if the trade will go up or down and, if we feel comfortable with it, we trade. The scores you’ll see are how well we did it at the end of the day: 4-0 = 4 wins, 0 lost, 3-1= 3wins, 1 lost and so on.
I finally found the EASIEST way to make money online, and it only takes 2 hours per day! Best part is: you don’t need a website, or webhosting, or traffic, just your internet connection and your desire to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

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Zaharia Vasile says:

Howdy! There are sure a lot of ways to go with this. But, have you tested –
the Adartra Auto Binary Signals program (search for it on GOOGLE)? I have
heard some fascinating things about it. My cousin got outstanding progress
in being consistantly profitable with it. Personally, I have just got to
give it a try myself.

Desiree Wildheart says:

All the video’s I have watched has Franco only trading for about 10-15
minutes ??

BinaryOptions BinTrader says:

Hi Pallie, Franco trades NYC session, from 9.30 to 11.30 live. So we can
watch and follow him on the trades he announces. Sometimes there are more
than 5 trades, sometimes less. The right settings should appear before he
enters a trade. Trades last from 1 min to 1 hour.

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