A Day Trading salary – $1,000 in an hour – Meir Barak

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How to day trade for one hour and make $1,000.
Meir Barak day trading live trading on October 27th 2014.

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Road Runner says:

Hey Meir, I started day trading a few weeks ago and was doing well making
around $150 a day with a $4000 account but a while back I lost all the
profit I made as well as $2000 in a single day. That loss really knocked me
out I haven’t traded since then and I’m scared to trade anything and have
missed pretty good chances to make some money. Do you have any tips to
recover from such a loss?

Daniel Girard says:

Meir, when you’re trading the breakout on the low’s are you using the low
of the day for the open market or are you using the low of the day from the

stan188 says:

Hi Meir,

May I ask you what software and broker are you using to place trade?

Thank you for your videos!

mali mrav says:

That s great Mr.Barak,but when be put into connotation that you have the
buying power one milion dollar we are coming that it was just 0,1% of
Otherwise you have great videos…..

Jovan Nguyen says:

nice Meir Barak well done!

Meir Barak says:
quick Pro says:

+Meir Barak .. route CFDR whats this means

Aaron Downie says:

It seems that you find stocks to trade by looking at a list of gappers in
the pre-market? Is this accurate? Do you not find stocks to trade using
other methods? Thanks.

daytrader2004 says:

Hi what are your per share routing charges on CFDs at Colmex based on the
share size you do? and on average how many total shares do you trade a
month ?- Tks

Sergiu Mandis says:

If you make 7-10k/month from this type of business you shouldn’t look at
buying power – buying power will kill you if used in full… If you make
100k/year trading 1-2 hours a day – that’s the beauty of it.

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