4-Day Iron Condor I Option Trading Tips & Tutorials

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Sheridan Options Mentoring provides one-on-one mentoring and classes for retail and professional traders. Mentor and pit trader, Dan Sheridan has more than 25 years of trading experience. If you’re curious about trading stock options or want to refine your skills, this video is a valuable resource. Every options trader should know how to trade Iron Condors. In this video, Dan goes over his profit plan with a highly “caffeinated” trade in RUT . This video includes:

• Profit Plan
• Trading Philosophy
• Max Loss
• Trade adjustments, execution, and exits

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Originally aired on 04/14/14


Jhoni Jack says:

Nice Video!!!

skyblurrr says:

Hi Dan, I’ve been practising this trade for a couple of weeks now but
because I’m still a bit fresh to options trading, I know I’m missing
something…when I enter an Iron Condor on the RUT on Monday, all entry
rules specified are checked and good..the typical net spread on the whole
weekly Iron Condor can be 100%..that means, I might collect $100 but I am
instantly behind by $200.. ie 200% of the credit. In fact, even if the
spread was zero, I’d still be instantly -100% of the credit to start with.
How does this work in with the exit or take profit rules that you’ve given?
Thanks very much for making these videos open to us all. 

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